Peradon Timesafe Light Meter 5872Peradon Timesafe Light Meter 5872

Peradon Timesafe Light Meter

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Peradon Timesafe Coin Type Required:

The Peradon Timesafe ADM Light Meter is an accumulative single coin light meter and is used in clubs throughout the UK. 

The Accumulative feature means it will only accept one 'type' of coin but you can put multiples of that coin in one after the other. You may also choose which coin mechanism it comes with. Those available are: 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, Peradon Token or 1 Euro.

The number of minutes allowed per coin, is governed by a small internal set of switches that let you choose how long each coin lasts for. As additional coin are put is the digital display showing how many minutes left also accumulates and increases.

A reject button is also part of the mechanism allowing you to reject and return faulty or incorrect coins. Another features is 'match-play' mode where coins do not have to be inserted and the light is continuously on when in this mode. 

The electrical power consumption is approximately 10W (at 230V AC) and Loads of up to 1kVA (3A resistive) can be switched directly by the timer.

Fuses: Type T HBC 250V breaking capacity, 20 x 5mm
FS1 500mA

Time Intervals: 1 to 63 Minutes, in 1 minute increments

Display: 0.6 inch high red LED

Coin: Accepts one coin type only (either 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, Peradon Token or 1 Euro)

Dimensions: H: 250mm W: 145mm D: 150mm

Weight: 3.75kg

Case: Mild steel

Lock: Radial 8 pin with two keys

Cash Box Capacity: Approx. 300 coins

Please Note:  We strongly recommend you only use a qualified electrician to install any electrical product.

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