Peradon Cue Wizard Hand Made Bespoke Custom Snooker Cues

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Get a Whopping 8% OFF when you Design Your Own Peradon Custom Cue using the Peradon Custom Cue Wizard instructions below.

  1. Design your cue using the link below 
  2. After Designing Your Peradon Custom Cue, email us or ring us with your "Design Number" using the ABC Snooker Contact us Form and we will send you a link with a 8% Discount on the price you see on screen. 
  3. We will then send you an email with a link to purchase your Peradon Custom Cue. The link will include our Special Whopping 8% Discount ! 
  4. Now Click this link to Design Your Cue and get your Design Number - You will need to Create and Login to your Peradon Cue Wizard Account
  5. Remember the 8% Discount is only available after contacting us with your "Design Number"
  • Every Peradon Custom Cue Wizard Cue Order is unique and based on your own design.
  • Peradon Custom Cues take around 4-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

Peradon bespoke Custom Cues and Peradon Hand Made Cues from ABC Snooker now come with a Whopping 8% discount!

Peradon Custom Cues are made by the oldest and most respected custom cue makers in the world. Our Peradon Custom Cues come with a fantastic 8% discount compared to the 5% offered by many others sites. Our Cue Wizard Cues can be ordered in two ways, both offering world class precision cue making options allowing you to design your own cue to give you the look and feel that you want.

  • NB : One Piece Cues can only be made to a maximum of 62 inches in length
  • Any cue of 59 inches length or more that does not have any butt timber will need to made from two separate pieces of the wood being used on the shaft (usually ash) - Whilst Peradon will try to match they grain from selected pieces of ash they best they can, it will not be a perfect match as when using butt timber as well. The butt timber allows increased length up to 64 inches with perfect matching grain either side of the joint.

Remember, only ABC Snooker will Discount your Peradon Design Number Order by 8%

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