Dowsing DB2 Snooker Table Iron

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The Dowsing DB2 Snooker Table Iron (code 4973) is the only Quality UK crafted Billiard Table Iron available anywhere that ABC Snooker recommend.

  • Thermostatically controlled, the iron has various temperature settings which are controlled by an easy to adjust circular dial similar to what you would see on most conventional household irons.
  • Supplied complete with a detachable lead which should be removed when actually ironing your billiard table. Also supplied is a special dedicated stand to safely place the hot on both before and after use whilst the iron is very hot.
  • Supplied Complete with three-pin plug, element, iron pressure pad, LED neon light indicator and thermostat which are all also available to be bought separately in the future should any parts ever need replacing. 

ABC Snooker Tips:

We recommend to get the best playing conditions from your table that you brush you table 2-3 times a week. Regular brushing will keep the cloth free from chalk, dust and other unwanted objects. Regular brushing helps keep the nap in a straight even line and direction. This helps the speed of the table and makes it runs much faster. Occasionally ironing the bed cloth only (never the cushions!) with a medium heated Dowsing DB2 Snooker Table Iron (we recommend setting number 6-7) will make the table run even smoother and faster.

Please note that over ironing the cloth will reduce its life expectancy and the Dowsing DB2 Snooker Table Iron should never be over heated or run over the cloth too slowly so that that cloth can burn. Keep the iron moving swiftly from the exact moment it touches the cloth and always iron from the baulk end to the black spot direction. No additional downward pressure is needed. This is the same direction and how the nap runs on high quality billiard table cloths.

Inferior cloths may have no nap at all. Similarly, only ever brush your bed cloth in the same direction i.e. from baulk end to black spot end. Typically the nap on the side cushions runs from baulk end to black spot end and the nap on the baulk cushion and black spot end cushion will run in a clockwise cushion. It is fairly easy to check by running you fingers along the nap and then in the reverse direction to see which way it is running,

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