Ex-Tournament Number 10 Snooker Bed Cloth (Full Size)

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Over 60% Off Genuine Ex-Tournament Strachan Number 10 Snooker Bed Cloths (Full Size) Direct from the TV and World Snooker Match Tables from recent events - Only several days old. 

These highly sort after cloths are in great demand and we sell out just as fast as they come in, so please order or pre-order in advance if you wish to take advantage of this incredible offer. Look out in the product availability for the expected dates fro the next arrivals before ordering. Typically we will issue the order the following week.

The ex-tournament bed cloths are genuine Strachan "Number 10" and come direct from the World Snooker Events and so have been played on by the worlds best players. Because they are only used for the time of the event the cloths are just several days old with minimum wear.

Please note as these Ex Tournament cloths are only several days old they will come with the spots already marked out and 'D' etc. Your table fitter will just need to fit this as if he were performing a stretch on an existing bed cloth.

Please note that to create the best possible playing conditions you need to have the best possible cloth and the Strachan No.10 cloth is it.

The other factors will also affect table speed are things like room temperature, humidity and how well the cloth itself is maintained via regular brushing and ironing. We do not recommend you over iron the cloth or for that matter use an iron that is too hot.

We recommend you only use an experienced qualified snooker table fitter when recovering your snooker table. If you need more details on find one please see our snooker table fitters section and contact us if you need more details.

If you need any further advice on this product please ring us to speak to someone who has used these cloths to verify just how fast they are and how little use they have had.

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