Dowsing DB2 Snooker Table Iron Spare Parts

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DB2 Dowsing Spare Parts

The Dowsing DB2 Snooker Table Iron Spare Parts are available for the DB2 Dowsing Snooker Billiard Table Iron, the most popularly used in the UK and comes with a full range of spare parts

Dowsing Iron Parts

The list of ange of replacement spare parts for the Dowsing DB2 Snooker Billiard table iron are as follows:

  • S4974 Replacement plug for 'old style' Dowsing two pin irons.
  • S4975 Replacement three pin plug & flex for Dowsing DB2 iron
  • S4976 Replacement Non-Thermostatic iron element (no cut out in the centre - for old style non-thermostatic irons)
  • S4977 Replacement Thermostatic iron element (with cut out in centre)
  • S4978 Replacement iron stand
  • S4979 Replacement Iron Pressure Pad (for between top case and base)
  • S4980 Replacement Thermostat for a Dowsing DB2 iron only
  • S4981 Replacement Neon light for Dowsing iron (not illustrated)

N.B. We only recommend any electrical parts should be fitted by a fully trained and qualified electrician or equivalent.

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