Peradon Quick-Action 6-inch Mini-Butt

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The Peradon Quick-Action 6-Inch Mini-Butt will fit any Peradon Cue with a Butt-End Socket and is available in (A) Olivewood (B) Rosewood (C) Ebonised Black.

The Peradon Quick-Action 6-Inch Mini-Butt extension is light, quick fitting and can now allow you to use your own cue to play shot even as far away as the blue spot. If you don't like using the rest this is a must for anyone with a Peradon cue with a female butt-end socket.

The Quick-Action Six-Inch Mini-Butt gives a matching rigid feel to any cue it is fitted to. This extension works with all Peradon Cues with a butt-end socket.

This extension is fast, light, easy-to-use and because it can fit straight into the butt end of the cue means there's no need to start unscrewing your existing cue to play any awkward to reach shots.

Note : Only suitable for Peradon Cues as described above.

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