Peradon Quick-Action 20-inch Midi-Butt-End Cue Extension

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Great Discounts on The Peradon Quick-Action 20-inch Midi-Butt Cue Extension with Selected Peradon Cues. The Peradon Quick-Action 20-inch Midi-Butt Cue Extension has a male joint to fit any Peradon Cue with a female screw-socket in the butt of the cue.

This single, solid extension is ebonised and black to give a matching rigid feel to any cue it is fitted to.

This extension is fast, light, easy-to-use and because it can fit straight into the butt end of the cue means there is no need to start unscrewing you existing cue to play any awkward to reach shots.

Please note this cue extension only works with Peradon cues not Cannon cues or any other manufacturer.

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