Talisman Pro Cue Tips

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Talisman Pro Cue tips are used by the world's best snooker and pool players and are made from pigskin and buffalo hide so feel like they are already 'played in' from the time you put them on.

Talisman Pro Cue tips come in a wide arange of sizes and are available in differing textures. Because they feel like they are already 'played in' you get more time playing at your best without having to wait for days for softer tips to 'bed in'.

  • Packs of three
  • Available in differing textures
  • Feel like they are already bedded in
  • As used by the worlds leading snooker and pool professionals.
  • Ideal for snooker or Pool

Please note that whilst there is the option to buy 'soft' and 'medium' category tip textures, these are considerably tougher and harder than you would get from conventional tips like Blue Diamonds or Elkmasters.

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