Peradon Newbury 'Pro Line Shaft' Hand Spliced Snooker Cue (3/4 Jointed)

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Great Discounts Now Available on a Large Range of Peradon Cue Cases, Extensions & Accessories with the Peradon Newbury 'Pro Line Shaft' Hand-Spliced Snooker Cue from ABC Snooker.

The Peradon Newbury "Pro-Line Shaft" Cue is aptly named and offers superb rigidity and Peradon's innovative design allowing for even better playing characteristics. The new design guarantees evenly spaced chevrons (also known as arrows on an ash cue). This type of uniformity in the 'grain lines' down the length of the cue, gives a great advantage to professional and amateur players alike who use this grain a visual aid to angle-targeting and the alignment of the cue through the shot. - You'll be amazed at the straightness of the grain  - Seeing is Believing.

ABC Snooker only sell Peradon's 2024-2025 cue models - Don't Buy an Older Version with Fewer Features

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Peradon Cue Review

The Peradon Newbury Pro-Line Shaft Hand Spliced Cue comes with the following features as standard:

  • Great Discounts on Cue Cases, Extensions and Many other Peradon Accessories
  • Latest Peradon "Pro-Lined" Shaft Technology
  • Full Sized - 58 inches In length
  • Jointed 16 inches from the butt
  • Guaranteed straight grained
  • Maple & Walnut Laminated Shaft
  • Complete With Pre-Fitted Female Butt-End Screw Socket
  • Huge Discounts on a Massive Range of Cue Cases, Extensions & Accessories
  • Hand-Spliced Ebony butt
  • Medium Weight Range - 18.0 oz - 18.5 oz
  • Heavy Weight Range - 18.5 oz - 21.0 oz
  • Optional 6 -Inch Mini-Butt
  • Sold Brass 'Quick-Action' joint
  • Pre-Fitted with a Female Butt-End Socket
  • 9.5 - 10.0 mm Ferrule
  • Professionally Fitted Elkmaster Cue Tip
  • Accepts Any Peradon Quick-Action Butt-End Cue Extension

The maple timber shaft is cut from a Peradon Patented Technology. This process releases the tension from the wood before then being laminated with Walnut Inlays to produce a shaft with Absolute Minimal Cue Deflection. This of course means that any inaccuracies during striking off-centre will be reduced and so produce a more accurate strike leading to fewer missed pots through bad striking.

Made from the finest hand selected ash Peradon snooker cues undergo many weeks of preparation. The wood is first kiln dried to avoid warping before any other work begins. All woods are hand selected and they are finished to exacting standards to give you the 'feel' you need in a top quality snooker cue.

Peradon are the oldest cue makers in the world. Their cues have been used by the greatest players in the world, none more famous than the legendary Joe Davis. He also gave Peradon sole rights to use his name on their cues.
Peradon were also responsible for the introduction and manufacture of Hand-Spliced cues. The majority of the world's leading professionals and amateur players will only use a hand spliced snooker cue.

Peradon Newbury Pro-Line Shaft One Piece Snooker Cue Review

Review by John Welsh B.Sc. (Hons) - Former Main Tour Professional, England International Captain & Professional Snooker Coach

Cue Specification:

One Piece, Weight - 17.25 oz, Length – 58.0 inches, ferrule diameter 9.96 mm, Balance – 17 ¾ inches from end of butt, Butt Diameter – 30mm, Cue Taper Style – Straight, gradual and very even, Wood type – Grade 1 laminated maple and walnut, tip type – Elkmaster (new and not worn in), Butt-End Joint Socket  : Yes "Quick Action" model.

Snooker players usually fall into one of two categories, those who absolutely have to have the grain on their cue in a certain way, and those who don’t really care. Being a cue enthusiast and a fussy so and so and falling into the first category, I was naturally really excited to see this latest Peradon release. All ‘Perfect Grain’ hunters will also no doubt be intrigued.

Getting straight grain on any cue and marrying that with evenly spaced arrows (or chevrons) is not easy to achieve. There are very few pieces of timber that allow themselves to be worked into such a perfect cue, given that wood is so natural and grows the way ‘it’ wants to grow and not the way the guy turning and shaping the wood, wants it to. Usually these types of grain will appear once in ever few hundred cues that come through the workshop. Normally you would need to buy a Peradon Custom Hand Made Cue through the likes of the Peradon Cue Wizard Bespoke Cue Designer to achieve that sort of guaranteed levee of grain structure.

On picking the cue up I found it to be beautifully balanced and fitted naturally into the hand. The butt diameter and taper was excellent with a flat that was well aligned with the arrows and chevrons.  The flat of the cue was standard length and the butt finish was genuine 17.25 inch ebony. The finish on the butt section was super smooth with no raised splicing or signs of glue seep. On forming a bridge with the cue, the shaft was super smooth and rotating the shaft in a fist there was no evidence of raised grain. In fact it was difficult to feel any given the finish was so smooth.

The infrastructure of the cue is built around laminated sections of wood which produce a stronger more robust cue which is far less likely to ever bend or warp in the future. This feature combined with the naturally more dense properties of maple mean the cue is incredibly powerful and playing screws shots was very easy. Stun shots over the full distance of the table also required hardly any effort. The huge reduction in power needed to deliver the cue meant there was less deviation in the cue-action resulting in less body movement and so more accurate striking. This of course leads to an increased pot percentage success. (See full distance effortless video).

As someone who has naturally sticky hands (like many snooker players) it’s important for me to keep wiping the cue with a slightly damp cloth then a dry one immediately afterwards. On doing so, I found the cue needed very little work to achieve optimal smoothness again. There was also zero raising of the cue grain or lifting of the fibers of the wood meaning there was no harshness or scratchy grain as you sometimes find after damp-ragging some cues. This is a great feature for anyone who likes an ultra smooth cue on their bridge hand. It's worth noting that porous woods will usually exhibit this feature and can be resolved by using linseed oil and leaving to soak in for 24 hours to seal the cue.

The balance and feel of the cue was exquisite. It was a joy to play with. There had obviously been a lot of work and effort gone into both the selection of the woods for this cue, as well as the actual build of it.

To summarize, the cue was very impressive.

I think this cue is set to take the world by storm. Peradon will have quite simply produced “A Cue with Perfect Grain”. A cue with these features would normally cost upwards of £600 on other sites, where perfect grain results are not actually guaranteed, nor do they feature the other additional characteristics this cue offers. The Peradon design also means consistent cue-to-cue results can be achieved giving the buyer greater confidence when buying on-line or from a perspective where they don’t actually see the cue before buying.

•    Guaranteed straight grained with uniform and evenly spaced chevrons (or arrows)
•    Design methodology allows ultra consistent results from cue to cue offering greater confidence in online or ‘customer-not-present’ sales.
•    Chevrons very well aligned with flat on butt of cue.
•    High Quality Grade One wood in both shaft and ebony hand spliced butt.
•    Cue was beautifully smooth and had incredible balance with superb striking response.
•    Easy to clean with just a damp cloth with zero grain lift or fiber-raising when wiping with moist cloth.
•    From a playing point of view I could not fault it and actually felt I was getting more response from it than from my own cue which was strange given I had not mastered it and it also had a new soft tip on which wasn't even bedded in.
•    Value for money – Outstanding – you are looking at £700- £900 on similar much more expensive cues which don’t guarantee the accuracy or straightness or even and uniform spacing between chevrons and theirs are also more prone to bend or warping.

I hope you find this review helpful.

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