Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Balls

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Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Balls are used in all World Snooker events and are simply the best you can buy. Aramith SuperPro1G Snooker Balls are the industry leader and are supplied complete with the Official Ball Case showing the Aramith and World Snooker Logos. As seen on TV and the only balls used by Professionals in all Main Tour Events.

  • Free Official Peradon Ball Marker
  • Official WPBSA Main Tour The Professional Snooker Balls
  • Made to incredible precision size and weight tolerances of no more than an astounding 1g between balls 
  • As Seen on TV
  • Full size 2 and 1/16th inch diameter
  • Genuine Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Balls
  • Brilliant consistent colours
  • Industry standard for both amateurs and professionals
  • Don't buy cheaper inferior products that will make and wear easier and have wider variety of weights making potting and positional play much more difficult

Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Balls are the very best snooker balls you can buy. Brilliant colours, superb durability with the most consistent and most accurate weight tolerance ever produced. Its no wonder then why these balls are the only choice the professionals and are the very balls used in all major professional snooker tournaments around the world. Aramith have supplied snooker balls to the World Snooker Professional Players Association (W.S.A.) for more than 40 years.

The Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Ball sets are unique and the highest quality available in the world. These snooker balls allow the W.S.A. professional players to reach the highest scores during the W.S.A. competitions. The main defining characteristic of this set is the maximum weight tolerance allowed. Whilst the maximum weight difference between balls in a regular Aramith Tournament Champion snooker sets (or a Super Crystalite snooker sets) is 3 grams (official specifications), the maximum weight tolerance of these special W.S.A. sets is only 1 gram! This means there will be far less inaccurate responses from the cue ball resulting in much better positional play as well as making delicate and very accurately required cannons easier to play. 

Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Balls are the World Leader in snooker balls. Basically, if you are buying snooker balls for a club, or serious player for snooker matches, then it needs to say Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Balls or Aramith Tournament Champion. If it doesn't, then it's an inferior product. It's easy to get confused with which sets of balls to buy. Surprisingly, the industry leader isn't that much more expensive, so this is one case where it really is worth buying the best and paying only a little extra.

Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Balls are quite simply the best quality professional snooker balls you can buy. These full size professional snooker balls are used by the world's top amateurs and snooker professionals and are the exact same snooker balls you see on TV in world ranking tournaments.

If you are serious about your game then Aramith Tournament Champion SuperPro1G Snooker Balls are the only snooker balls you need to consider. The vast majority of domestic snooker leagues and clubs in the UK have now standardised to these balls.

Don't be fooled into buying cheaper snooker balls which are usually lighter in weight, with pale or washed out colours and are usually more easily damaged, resulting in a shorter life span. Cheaper lighter balls will make your table play much slower. A heavier ball has more momentum and makes the table play faster without the need for a super fast expensive cloth.

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