Aramith Standard Spare (Cue-Ball)

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Aramith Standard Individual Spare Snooker Cue Ball for use as either spares, or for keeping your sets up to date.

  • Full sized at 2 and 1/16th (other sizes available)
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Consistent weights and compositions
  • Great Colours and hard wearing
  • Typical weight 129g +/- 1.0 grams

We strongly advise that you check the ball you are buying against the set you intend to match them to, as many manufacturers use different weights etc for different balls that may all seem very similar. If you are not sure ring or email us to clarify.

Example :

  • Aramith Tournament Champion Snooker Balls - 2 and 16th dia and are 142g +/- 1.0 g
  • Aramith Standard Snooker Balls - 2 and 16th dia and are 129g +/- 1.0 g

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