Aramith Premiere Engraved Pool Balls - Spots & Stripes

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Our Aramith Premiere Engraved Pool Balls - (Spot & Stripes) are made from phenolic resin giving a brilliant colour range and the best durability and strength available. Now available in three sizes.

Aramith Premiere Engraved Pool Balls - Spots & Stripes- come in a range of sizes and are amongst the most popular English Pool Balls on the market. Aramith Balls have a solid core construction which use a phenolic resin to ensure homogeneous characteristics in each ball part of the ball throughout. Extremely efficient in holding their look and with a smoothness that will last and last. Aramith phenolic balls will withstand 50 times more impacts than other polymer or polyester balls. Twice more scratch-resistant than standard balls.

Get the Aramith Official Ball Cleaner as well to keep your balls in brilliant playing condition.

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