Peradon Professional Timesafe Luminaire Snooker Table Lighting

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Save £30 off The Peradon Professional Timesafe Luminaire Snooker Billiard Table Lighting is Designed for those players who want to experience the ultimate in both snooker table lighting and snooker playing conditions, Peradon Timesafe Luminaire Snooker Table Lighting uses low energy tubes and also comes Complete with Supporting wooden joist which attaches to both units to fully Support  the system as well as the Full Peradon Hanging Kit. 

Peradon Timesafe Luminaire Snooker Table Lighting has a modern look and is energy efficient. Offering the highest quality lighting conditions and producing stunning conditions visually. The smart and stylish look produces professional lighting conditions on any full-sized snooker or billiard table.

This easy-to-install system is light-weight and produces ultra bright light allowing a consistent and even illumination across the surface of the table hugely reducing ball shadowing produced by conventional light shades.

  • Now With £30 Off !
  • Very Easy to Install
  • No Additional Electrical equipment or special wiring needed
  • Grade A Energy Efficient Tubes (approx 10,000 hours lifespan)
  • 232w output with superior brightness quality
  • Ideally suited to 10ft - 12ft snooker tables.
  • Fully adjustable with hanging height (Surface Mounted or Suspended) Suspension cables which are included.
  • Luminaire Lighting measurements: 2 units measuring 1560 x 270 x 90 mm. Weight 4.5kg each.
  • Also includes the Full Peradon hanging kit to use the the supporting joist

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