Professional LX 1500 Pool Table Lighting

Professional LX 1500 Pool Table Lighting (1 x 5ft)

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Get Over £25 the ABC Snooker LX1500 Professional Pool Table Lighting (1 x 5ft) has Ultra High Output and is designed for those players and clubs who want to Experience the Ultimate in Pool Table Lighting and the very best playing conditions.

This easy-to-install system is light-weight and produces ultra bright light allowing a consistent and even illumination across the surface of the table. This hugely reduces ball shadowing produced by conventional light shades and billiard table lights.

  • Now With Over £25 Off
  • Deluxe High Frequency Version Only as Standard - No Starter Motors, No Flickering, No Buzzing
  • Now Includes Deluxe Drop Thin Rope Cables and all Fitting and Hanging Accessories as Standard.
  • Nominal Dimensions are 1500 mm x 275 mm x 100 mm
  • As used by Main Tour Professional Players, PTC Players & Many Snooker Venues & UK Clubs
  • Elongated ball shadow eliminated from balls at extreme lengths of table.
  • Easy to Assemble & Complete with all Chains and Accessories.
  • Fully adjustable with hanging height (Surface Mounted or Suspended) Suspension cables which are included.
  • Also Available with our Grade A Tournament Standard Optimized Lighting Colour corrected Tri-Phosphorous Tubes for True Snooker Colour Rendering

Please note we recommend you only use a trained qualified experienced electrician to install any electrical device.

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